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Opgepoetst | 16-3-2020

Firm to make 'Wageningen' fish oil

An American biotechnology company has taken out a licence for a process developed by Wageningen technologists, in which algae convert acetic acid into the fatty acid DHA. DHA is the most important healthy fatty acid in fish.

The company, Advance BioNutrition, specialises in animal- and fish-feed ingredients, says Dr Lolke Sijstma from the Wageningen research institute AFSG. 'The company has indicated however that it is also prepared to work together with manufacturers of food for humans.'

The Wageningen procedure uses the alga Crypthecodinium cohnii. Not only does it require no light, but it can make healthy fatty acids from acetic acid instead of from glucose. This enabled the researchers to produce fish fatty acids more efficiently.

Weekblad voor Wageningen UR, 20 april 2006.

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