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Opgepoetst | 6-9-2019

Wageningen is developing diamond rice

Researchers at Plant Research International in Wageningen are developing a rice variety that contains more vitamins, proteins and minerals. Diamond rice, as the research group has named it, has grains with a special structure.

When brown rice is milled to produce white rice, preferred by large groups of the world population, many of the nutrients are lost. Researchers at Plant Research International went in search of ways to mill rice that would not lead to such high nutrient losses. They have now bred a variety in which the nutritious layers of the husk are not removed during milling, but only the fibrous outermost husk.

Diamond rice is not genetically modified, and farmers in China already use a similar variety, so replacinf regulre rice with the new variant will not be difficult. Nevertheless it will be about two more years before all tests are completed.

Weekblad voor Wageningen UR, 20 maart 2003.

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